Our Classes

Our mission is focusing on the athletic capabilities our carefully curated classes offer to our community. Our teachers aim to educate, maintain control and correct form to tap into your full potential and blow past your perceived limits.


This 90-minute class is not for the faint of heart, it remixes our three Athletika pillars: Reformer, HIIT & Yoga to deliver a sweat-drenching total body workout. It is a strength training class that’s high resistance, high intensity and low impact. You’ll quickly build lean muscle & torch calories even long after your workout has finished. While you are able to take it at your own pace, we recommend you have a base level of fitness before you jump in.


The OG of Athletika and our core focus for a reason. Reformer Pilates is a dynamic total body workout. Suitable for everyone but don’t underestimate it! This powerhouse workout is challenging, customisable and changes each time you come which always keeps it interesting.The energising classes increases core strength, mobility, flexibility and muscle definition.


This is our strength & cardio training group class where we use light to moderate hand weights to give your body a total workout. Sculpting your physique by building strength and muscle mass in all the major muscle groups. This is perfect to mix up with a Yoga class for a full transformative workout.


Transform, reset & refresh your body and your mind with the flow of Yoga. The centring effect a Yoga class has not only improves flexibility and strengthens the body, but you will walk out of the studio feeling absolutely ethereal and serene. Experienced Yogi or a newcomer – this class is for everyone! Focusing on controlled breathing & concentration, easier options are given to those just starting out. A perfect accompaniment to any workout regime.


Our HIIT classes is all about intense short power bursts of exercise, followed by short rests to push your body harder ultimately burning calories faster. If you have a good base level of fitness and are ready to accelerate fat loss, increase stamina and endurance than this one is you! Get ready to firm up your body and show yourself how far you can push yourself.


The wholly underrated traditional Pilates class that works your body and aims to strengthen your muscles and core, it has an incredibly transformative effect on your body! Perfect for those beginners who suffer from chronic joint or back pain through to those AP Athlete’s that are wanting to take their core game to a whole other level.


This is our signature strength reformer class. Utilising dumbbells and Pilates apparatus to maximise muscle engagement. This is a multi-intensity muscle sculpting workout that will challenge with progression’s and intensity. *Not pregnancy friendly*


Strength blended workout for Mum designed to help gain your strength back after pregnancy and childbirth. This class incorporates strength training, stretching and pilates all while you’re with your babes.