Reformer Pilates is having a resurgence in popularity since the 80’s and there is so many reasons
why it looks like it’s here to stay!
First developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s to ward of disease of the body and rehabilitate from
injury. Reformer Pilates is a fantastic full body exercise and practising it promotes loads of physical
and mental benefits, here’s our top 3:

  1. Total Body Workout:
    When performing the movements on the Reformer bed it provides resistance using a system
    of springs. What differentiates Reformer from say weight training is that it not only works all
    the major muscle groups but also recruits the tiny stabiliser muscles too – every single
    muscle fibre! It’s a core focused workout that is also strength building, so you can visually
    expect flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks, firm thighs and improved posture. Plus, like all
    strength training, a Reformer Pilates class burns calories which can be a great aid in your
    weight loss journey.

  2. Full Range of Motion:
    Using your full range of motion with the resistance not only increases strength but it is great
    at improving flexibility too. With the focus on controlled movements in those motions it
    engages your core, mind-body connection, promotes joint stability & balance which provides
    such a comprehensive workout. According to one study, Pilates reformer exercises
    performed once per week for 10 weeks resulted in reduced fall risk and significant
    improvements in static and dynamic balance and functional mobility in adults age 65 and
    older at risk for falling.
    Another study showed that after twelve sessions of Pilates with the reformer equipment,
    there were improvements in lower back and shoulder strength; which is common area of
    complaint and by developing strength there it has been found to greatly reduce chronic

  3. It’s Fun + Challenging:
    While the Reformer bed can look intimidating at first, and the movement’s a bit of a
    brainteaser the first time, Reformer Pilates is a thoroughly fun workout. There is plenty of
    movements to learn, progressions to make and resistance options so that you can further
    develop your skills, develop your strength and challenge yourself. It is so rewarding to see
    improvements in your own practice each week you come or when you finally nail a
    movement you found too difficult at the beginning. Reformer Pilates group classes settings
    can really help with accountability, but also provides a supportive environment to workout
    with likeminded people.
    If this sounds like something you may want to get into, we will be offering up some introductory
    offers especially for beginner’s that will focus on the foundations of reformer and teaching correct
    technique to get you to a good baseline understanding & fitness level to jump into our other classes.
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